• Rock Salt for de icing
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  • Rock Salt for animal feed




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Best Quality

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Competitive Price

Long term relationship means competitive price. Thanks to our high yearly distribution volume we can offer secured low prices.

For orders, questions or quote requests please send an e-mail to info@maxisalt.com. We do not sell online due to constant price adjustments on salt and transport costs.


Worlwide on time

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After many years dealing with rock salt, proudly being one of the most well known salt providers in the world, we created a website explaining the qualities of our rock salt. We hope our site will help you in taking your next decision.



I've always wondered how it is that sometimes they are faster and more reliable than us. We've been collaborating with them for a long time.




Rock Salt Influences the Global Economy

Where Does Rock Salt Come From?

Industrial Salt: A Growing Business

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Rock Salt Suppliers

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